April 5, 2018

About Us

In February 2014, millions of Venezuelans spilled on all the squares of the Country were protesting peacefully to get answers for the lack of security, food, and medicine and so on from their government.

The response to these events during the protests 45 people got killed, 6 executed, including a 14 years old boy scout and 2 suicides, many are still missing,  others appeared with signs of torture in mass graves, and since 2002 we have more than 100 political prisoners suffering inhuman condition

On the day of the Anniversary of International Human Rights, the 10/12/14, I went to the European Parliament, with an others European activists, reported all cases of: dead, tortured, prisoners and prosecuted. For that, I’m considered “persona non grata” and in my last trip to visit my family, on January 2015 the Regime wanted to put me in prisons.

I am not scare for being the advocate for this unfortunate people who are desperate to help on the contrary, the arrogance of the government makes my efforts to be stronger and become more determinate than ever, I am the voice of those who pay in vain only for expressing their thoughts freely. I cannot be silent, now that I’m involved and we know some of those victims, would be even more cowardly and complicit.

Manola De Rubeis